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M-Zone has to be the most influential underground hard trance DJ of the nineties.... and as "hard trance" only came about in the nineties - people are right to refer to him as "the godfather of hard trance". It was M-Zones banging, uplifting + up-tempo beats that caught Mark EG's ear in the mid nineties and enabled him to become one of the most recognised hard trance DJ's around the world. They have both played all over the world now and have many followers and I'm sure always will... M-Zones music will live forever.

M-Zone started his career late in 1991 at the now legendary Doncaster Warehouse. He steadily built in reputation and skill, quickly becoming known for his upfront style. Originally playing Italian Piano-House, M-Zone began playing Trance and hard house a few years later, and was soon well known as a figure of some influence within the UK (And quite possibly the European) Hard Trance and Hard House scene. Indeed, as he became established as the main resident (And unofficial manager to some extent) of Doncaster Warehouse, he began to book the DJ's that were making the records he played, the big names of European Hard Trance. The years 1994 and 1995 were big years for M-Zone, not only did he begin residencies at Dizstruxshon and Uprising (Two of the North's biggest raves), he also introduced the UK to Bonzai Records, by booking their first UK Live performance at the Warehouse, and later bringing Up and Coming German Hard Trance DJ, Timo Maas to play in the UK for the first time at the warehouse.

Toward the end of 1995, he founded his UK44 Records Collective (which included labels UK44, Forever Forward, Teach Yourself Techno and DW Records). The first releases on each label were immediate hits and they became important labels in the UK Hard Trance scene for the next couple of years.
It was at this time that M-Zone was becoming the DJ he is today, playing across the UK, Europe and Canada, spreading his style, each time returning with something new, and more importantly, different.

Since then, The UK44 record label has ceased to exist, the warehouse closed and reopened and M-Zone has launched a new project, Warning Records. He continues to be one of the foremost DJ's in the Hard Trance circuit and has been responsible for progressing the scene to the extent its at today, always seeming to stay one step ahead of today's commercial scene. Whatever may happen in the future, M-Zone will no doubt remain a name to watch.

Sweden ForestStar- SummerTribe Festival 2017
Brazil Zuvuya Festival - Carnaval 2018
Russia Trimurti Festival 2017
United Kingdom Nozstock The Hidden Valley 2017
Sri Lanka La Luna Gathering 2017
Brazil Samsara Festival #18
Freqs of Nature
Munay Festival 2017 // Spain
Trimurti Festival 2017 // Russia
Noisily Festival of Music & Arts 2017 // United Kingdom
Orange SUN Festival 2017 // Germany
FLOW Festival 2017 // Austria
Dharma Festival 2017 // Poland
Kosmos Festival 2017 // Finland
Pachamama Conexion Festival 2017 // Peru
Shankra Festival 2017 // Switzerland
Space Safari 2017 // Netherlands
Alweezgrooven 2017 // Canada
Álfheimr Festival 2017 // Norway
WAO Festival 2017 // Italy
Summer Never Ends Festival 2017 // Switzerland
World Trance OPEN AIR // France
Goadupa Festival 2017 // Poland
Festival Harmonic 2017 // France
SUN Festival 2017 // Hungary
Nozstock The Hidden Valley 2017 // United Kingdom
La Luna Gathering 2017 // Sri Lanka
Forest Soul Gathering // Portugal
VooV Experience | 2017 // Germany
Nibiru Festival 2017 // Lithuania
Genesis Festival 2017 // Greece
Festival Fuera del Tiempo México 2016 // Mexico
MoDem Festival 2017 (Momento Demento) // Croatia
Transylvaliens Festival 2017 // Romania
Transform Festival 2017 // Slovakia
SimSalaBoom Festival 2017 // Germany
Atmosphere Festival XIII By OMMIX // Mexico
OZORA Festival 2017 // Hungary
Yaga Gathering 2017 // Lithuania
Eclipse Festival Canada (Resonance 2017) // Canada
Mozamboogy 2017 // Mozambique
ARISE Music Festival • August 4-6, 2017 // United States
Freedom Festival 2017 // Portugal
Samsara Europe 3rd Edition Hungary // Hungary
Sonica Festival 2017 - Tramonti // Italy
ForestStar- SummerTribe Festival 2017 // Sweden
Gaia Gathering 2017 // Lithuania
New Healing Festival 2017 // Germany
Psy-Fi 2017 // Netherlands



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